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Our role is to work with you to ensure that the talent you want is available when you need it.

Using our Talent Management Framework, CIOs can prepare their workforce for digital acceleration and future disruptions. Since 2015, the number of skills required for a single job have increased by 10% every year, as a result of constant digital disruptions.

However, SP Tech Resources Inc. surveys of CIOs and CEOs suggest there isn’t enough digital talent to support the increase in need. The post pandemic shift toward remote/hybrid working has further increased the competition for scarce IT talent across industries and geographies. CIOs focused on digital acceleration should adopt a modern IT talent management framework to identify, hire and develop high-potential talent.

The SP Tech Resources Inc. Digital Talent Management Framework focuses on key areas such as recruitment, renewal, retention and release of talent. CIOs and IT leaders can use the framework to first identify and prioritize digital skills and talent needs, then devise strategies for these areas to evolve and develop the workforce in line with changing business priorities.

Outsourcing Services

When you Outsource to SP Tech Resources Inc. you not only gain a one-time cost advantage but an effective strategy for gaining and maintaining competitive business advantages.

Project Based Services

You will know exactly how long and how much it will take to achieve your goal.The scope of work, costs incurred, timeline are outlined in the framework of the project before work begins.

Managed IT Services

We take on the 360-degree responsibility of the entire IT operations of your organization, including 24X7 monitoring, on-demand IT support and troubleshooting.

Hire new employees

Take care of your business while we take care of your hiring process, From Job posting to Background checking of candidates and placement.

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